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15 Easy DIY Easter Wreaths to Spruce Up Your Home

Get ready to bring Easter joy into your home with these super easy and adorable DIY wreaths! Whether you’re a crafting pro or just looking for a fun project, Easter wreaths will effortlessly spruce up your space, infusing it with a delightful festive vibe.

Let’s dive into creativity and make your home more welcoming with this spring-inspired Easter wreath. Ready, set, let’s get crafting! To wish your loved ones and family a happy Easter, you can also look at Easter quotes and wishes.

DIY Easter Wreaths

1-Pom Pom Bunny Wreath

Easter Wreaths
Credit- A Beautiful Mess

Adding this soft cute pom pom bunny wreath DIY to your Easter decor is a great way to add a touch of spring. Pom poms can be made at home or purchased from a local store to bring this craft to life.

Get the Complete Tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

2-Scrap Fabric Easter Wreath Idea

Easter Wreaths
Easter Wreaths Credit – Live Laugh Rowe

Create an eco-friendly and charming Scrap Fabric Easter Wreath with leftover fabric scraps. With a wreath form and a little creativity, you can transform those bits of fabric into a festive and unique decoration.

Get the Complete Tutorial at Live Laugh Rowe

3-Speckled Egg Wreath

Easter wreath Door
Easter wreath Door Credit-Live Oak Nest

A DIY Speckled Egg Wreath is perfect for spring and Easter home decor. Add some fun touches to your Easter decor. Get your crafting supplies ready for springtime magic with these faux eggs. They’re bright and playful. 

Get the Complete Tutorial at Live Oak Nest.

4-Galvanized Tire and Flower Wreath

Easter Wreaths
Credit – The Craft Patch

With its distinctively rustic style enhanced by the bounty of faux flowers, this metal wreath will bring farmhouse vibes to your Easter decor.

Get the Complete Tutorial at The Craft Patch

5-Tulip Easter Wreath

Easter Wreath DIY
Easter Wreath DIY Credit- Crafts By Amanda

It is easy to tell when spring has arrived by looking at tulips! When you greet your guests at your Easter brunch with a gorgeous tulip wreath, your guests will forget they’re artificial, and because the flowers are artificial, they will last long after Easter.

Get the Complete Tutorial at Crafts By Amanda

6-Lily of the Valley Wreath

Easter Wreath DIY
Credit – Dans Le Lakehouse

This DIY faux flower wreath takes just 20 minutes to make. Something about the sweet smell of lily of the valley flowers instantly makes you think of spring.

Get the Complete Tutorial at Dans Le Lakehouse.

7-Easter Egg Wreath

Easter Wreaths
Credit – A Pumpkin And A Princess

With these charming pastel colors, Moss, Flowers, and Easter eggs, this spring-inspired Easter egg wreath will add spring vibes to your Easter Decor. Additionally, it’s year-round usable.

Get the Complete Tutorial at A Pumpkin And A Princess

8-Rainbow Egg Wreath

Easter Wreaths
Credit -The House That Lars Built

The Easter holiday is fast approaching. Gorgeous Easter Egg Wreath with Rainbows! Is a fantastic, vibrant match to your springtime Easter décor. The paper maché eggs from vibrant colors can be reused for many years.

Get the Complete Tutorial at The House That Lars Built.

9-Spring Flowers Wreath

Easter Wreath Idea
CreditThe Kingston Home

A spring flower wreath will be great for decorating your front door. The green wreath and fabric-covered form accentuated with blooms provide a lovely, layered design for your front door.

Get the Complete Tutorial at The Kingston Home

10-Crepe Paper Flower Wreath

Easter Wreaths
Credit – A Beautiful Mess

You can make crepe paper flowers look just like real ones, which is something special and amazing. With these crepe paper flower wreaths, you can add some floral flair to your Easter decor.

Get the Complete Tutorial at A Beautiful Mess

11-Spring Daffodil Wreath

Easter Wreath Idea
Credit – Design Improvised

One of the first flowers to blossom after winter are daffodils. You can use faux blossoms to build this Daffodil wreath. This craft only takes five minutes to complete.

Get the Complete Tutorial at Design Improvised.

12-Easter Bunny Floral Wreath

Easter Wreaths
Credit – Amazon

This Easter wreath is perfect for your front doorway this season! This floral wreath looks stunning when hung with orange and white flowers.

13-He Has Risen Wreath

Easter Wreath Door
Credit – Fun365

Using a wire wreath form, flower garland, and a handpainted wood sign, you can easily create a floral wreath. This gorgeous floral wreath will take you under an hour.

Get the Complete Tutorial at Fun365

14-Orchid Wreath

With the spring season just around the corner, this Orchid Wreath embroidery hoop and faux orchid can be used to decorate your front door or hung on the living room mirror.

Get the Complete Tutorial at Upto Date Interiors.

15-Woodsy Wreath

Easter Wreath Craft
Credit – Craft Berry Bush

There is something so lovely about the way that this woody wreath depicts the essence of spring with its moss, leaves, flowers, and a tiny bird’s nest.

Get the Complete Tutorial at Craft Berry Bush

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