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Nail Art2022

Aegean blue marble

There's always the option of mixing intricate nail art with a few French tips if you're feeling drawn to multiple designs. This Aegean blue marble French manicure is a perfect example. Image - amyle.nails

Zebra French Nail ART

This zebra-inspired French manicure is particularly trendy this year because of the popularity of animal prints. Image - auraxnail

Check Mate

These checkers just happen to be in the prettiest palette for your fall French manicure in 2022.  Image-  @amyle.nails

chrome shimmer Nails

There will be a lot of metallics in 2022. The chrome shimmer French manicure is a perfect choice for fall. Image- Byrdie

Pearl adorned french mani

This fall glam manicure looks perfect with pearls since they aren't too flashy  Image- Pinterest

Matte plaid nails

Matte nails are just as stunning as glossy nails. A plaid French mani with a matte finish is perfect for fall Image - Pinterest

Tonal Fall French Manicure

Fall 2022 is the perfect time for a multicolored French manicure with different shades on each tip Image -Pinterest