How 8 Christmas  Traditions Started

Christmas trees decoration started first in Germany then Europe after this get popular in America in 19th Century.

1-Christmas Trees

Early Versions Started in 1903 in Germany then later gain popularity in 1920.

2-Advent Calendres

 Ugly Chirstmas Sweaters  started as a party trend in Canada in 2001

3-Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Hung on Christmas tree as a decoration  first started in Germany in 1670. And no  1 Selling Chocolate in Christmas season

4 Candy Canes

Door Wreaths with us since romans time symbolic of Christ Crown of thorns and blood

5 Door Wreaths

Christmas Lights brighten New York Since 1882. By 1914 lights Mass produced and sold in New York

6- Christmas Lights

Fruits Cake Famous in Britain. A fruit cake combination of dry fruits, nuts and brandy, and a long-running joke in the United States.

7- Fruits Cake

Whether you love it or hate it, moms and dads have been hiding a toy elf each night since 2005.  Image - Good Housekeeping

8- Elf on the Shelf